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Deluxe Modulation Ensemble

Deluxe Modulation Ensemble

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The Deluxe Modulation Ensemble provides all the functionality of a classic big box Deluxe Electric Mistress and the first ever chorus pedal, the BOSS CE-1.

  • Just like the originals: the Mistress circuit includes the filter matrix mode and the optional direct out, while the CE-1 circuit provides mono or stereo outputs and a footswitch to toggle between chorus or a faster vibrato mode.
  • Includes the sought after CE-1 preamp: this is considered a big part of John Frusciante's sound and it has recently been re-released by BOSS as part of the Waza Craft BP-1W. Unlike the BP-1W, the Deluxe Modulation Ensemble retains the high/low toggle and peak level LED, just like an original CE-1.
  • Completely independent circuits: the effects are connected in series, but they are independent circuits with an optional effects loop between them.
  • Pedalboard friendly: the Deluxe Modulation Ensemble comes in a compact enclosure with top-mounted jacks and is powered by a standard 9V adapter (centre negative).

Also available individually as the Luxury Voltaic Courtesan and the JF-1 Chorus.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews

This pedal is just perfect it sounds really well no matter if the amp is good or not:
- Fast shipping
- Easy to use
- Extremely versatile
- Perfect Frusciante tone
- Improves the sound of the amp just by plugging it

Greetings from France !

Really good pedal!

Worth every penny,
Really good pedal! if you want to sound like John Frusciante you need this pedal!

The Real Deal

This is hands down, the best JF pedal on the Market. The pre-amp make the tubes cook. The crunch is beautiful and perfect for that dirty/clean sound we all crave. The stereo chorus is phenomenal. The flanger side is an amazing bonus. Be prepared to lose half of your day getting lost in the limetless sonic possibilities of this pedal. The build quality is flawless. The fit and finish are second to none. This pedal is amazing. Purchase this pedal. Filthy funk music awaits.

Best mod pedal ever

This is a soecial one. It combines the most syrupy analog circuits in one pedal. Each setting incredible. The preamp is, especially after drives gives a definitive power amp feel that my cooking Fender Twin would give. Try it before fuzzes and swim in psychedelic waves that make you smile and let sun shine through the trees. The chorus’ psycho acoustic space is one of a kind. Seperate outs for W/D/w set up. A massive contribution to the effects world. Iconic analog staple for highend signal chains. Congradulations Jordan, I had been waiting for two years and that was fully worth it.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👋🏼

Awesome combination of two classics

Great combo pedal! Love the added loop between the pedals as well as the design throwback, which is a nice reference to the original electric mistress pedal. Excited to see what's coming next!