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⏰ BATCH 8 (#142 - #161) ON-SALE MARCH 21 ⏰

Unleash your inner John mother-fucking Anthony Frusciante with the Empyrean, a 5-in-1 multi-effect pedal that is designed to bring you the essence of John's signature sound.

Conceived as a companion to the BOSS DS-2 and Ibanez WH-10, the Empyrean allows you to recreate several iterations of John's signal chain.

In order, the Empyrean includes:

  • Fuzz Factory (Germanium)
  • Effects loop 1 (for BOSS DS-2)
  • FUZZ rite (Germanium - Also available individually as the FUCK'n rite)
  • Big Muff Pi (V9 NYC - Also available individually as the Black Pi) and Micro Amp ("order" controlled by toggle)
  • Effects loop 2 (for Ibanez WH-10 and other effects)
  • CE-1 Preamp (with stereo outs, "high/low" toggle, and peak level LED - Also available individually as the JF-1 Preamp)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
To me, this is perfection in a pedal

For starters, I loved the packaging!! You get a great infographic telling what all the knobs do AND how to use the loops effectively. It also comes with a nice variety of stickers (all of which went straight on my hard case) and the pedal comes in a lovely bag that can be used to store the pedal or anything else you want. Win win!!

The pedals itself is beautiful to look at and everything about it feels really good. The switches are satisfying, the knobs are just right level of smooth and the whole enclosure feels hefty. I’m definitely not worried about anything breaking soon.

My favourite part is that for people like me who already have a CE-1 clone and done need the preamp, the switch is very accessible unlike other pedals that have the CE-1 preamp where you’d have to take the back off of those pedals. And if I really want to, i can have both preamps on and I get a really cool overdrive tone!

Each fuzz is in the pedal is designed perfectly. I don’t have my own fuzzrite but i do have a big muff and borrowed a fuzz factory from a friend to A/B. They’re all pretty much identical and the fact that you can have some or all of them on at the same time is a feature I wasn’t expecting but very welcome! I look forward to messing around with different combinations and see what cool sounds I can discover.

All in all, JFX has blown it out of the park with this one. I couldn’t be happier!!

Really good pedal!

Worth every penny,
Really good pedal! if you want to sound like John Frusciante you need this pedal!

Joseph Hammett
Awesome Tone even with a huge pedalboard

I recently added this pedal to my very large pedalboard (15+ pedals) and man does this give an awesome tone boost. JF is one of my main influences so that is what led me to this pedal and it does amazing RHCP and JF tones, but it sound awesome in general!!!

Great pedal, brilliant sound!

I recently purchased this pedal to Germany (comes with a hefty 100€ import tax by the way) and I could not be happier with this investment.

The pedal is beautifully built, with a strong and unique casing/shell and neat laser engraving. An ode to JF's Empyrean!

The sounds of the 5-built in pedals is clean and perfectly mimics the original pedals.

I did have troubles with the Fuzz Factory effect at the beginning, where I experienced a high pitched noise and tons of oscillation. I then reached out to the support via chat and got a reply within minutes.
Turns out that I did not accurately adjust the knobs, which caused the loud feedback.

For Fuzz Factory to work like a fuzz pedal, do the following:
1. Turn "Stab" all the way clockwise
2. Turn "comp" and "gate" fully counter-clockwise

This will reduce the overpowering feedback and from there you can fine tune the settings to your liking.

All in all, this is THE PEDAL for anyone who wants to mimic John's sound and save a ton of space on the pedalboard.
Even for non-fans of John, this pedal serves multiple purposes and the return/send signals intended for the Ibanez Wah10 and Boss DS1 Distortion work flawlessly.

Highly recommended! And thank you for the quick and competent support JFX!

Mason Wasserman
Worth every penny

This is a great pedal. Does exactly what you want it to. Helps bring a cleanish amp to that edge of breakup tone you want. Also works great with other gain pedals like the DS-2. Small, compact, and great quality, the printing and housing of the pedal are great. If you're thinking about buying one, just do it, you will not regret it.